Advanced Bulk Email Marketing Software Suite

Envelog allows you to send out mass emails, schedule emails, merge campaigns and more!

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List Management

Manage unlimited number of lists, remove duplicates, and perform other operations. Each list can contain an unlimited number of recipients.

Send Fast

Envelog provides high sending speed by using up to 500 connections at the same time. On average you would be able to send up to 20,000 mails per hour

Relay Sending Mode

Some ISPs restrict on the amount of outgoing emails. Envelog works with your existing ISP email settings and lets you choose the sending mode that is convenient for you


Unlike a typical ISP which allows for sending only 100 emails per hour, with Envelog you can send about 30,000 emails every week.

Powerful HTML Editor

Make beatiful HTML emails with our solution. You can include fonts, graphics and colors of your choice. You can create appealing newsletters with our HTML editor.

Bulk Mailer

Send mass mail campaigns with our system

Built-in SMTP server

Envelog has its own built-in SMTP server that enables it to deliver mass emails directly to the customers' mailbox

Email Tracking

Control the effectiveness of your campaign by monitoring who, when and where your emails are opened.

Mailing List management

Envelog allows you to create segments based on multiple rules; this makes organizing lists easier. With envelog, you can send out to a list segment specifically. With multiple lists, when provided with contacts, you would get contacts marked as unsubscribed in a list. Now propagate unsubscriptions from any list to the other ones: if a contact is marked "unsubscribed" in ANY list, it will be marked as unsubscribed in ALL lists. Selectively enable contacts to be included in the current list from the previous mailing. This way, you can send followup mails to only those who have already received a specific mail.

Manage Email Campaigns

Set different SMTP and POP3 configurations. Save account infos in multiple profiles, so that all SMTP and/or POP3 settings can be changed with a couple clicks. Use the direct send mode, if you don’t need to modify any parameters to connect to the provider’s service. Create segments based on multiple rules using our solution. You can also optionally send out mails to a list segment alone. Get mailing campaigns open rates and reading times using our solution.

Our solution is considered to be one of the leading and advanced bulk email systems currently on the market.

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